KEXMY Mice Cube Mouse Trap Topi Cube 4 Pk – Reusable Human Mouse Socket


  • Human Live no-kill mouse trap
  • Safe, clean, silent, reusable
  • Easy to use – catch and release
  • a swinging door mode
  • The only mouse trap you have ever used


4 pk cube mice – safe, clean, silent, reusable – works! The mouse cube is a moulded plastic mouse trap with a door that is free swing in one direction inward only. Small holes in the door allow the bait smell to escape to attract the mouse. The mouse enters by pushing the light port inwards, which then closes by gravity, preventing the mouse from escaping. It works! You never have to touch the mouse! mouse cubes are not literally cubes, but black rectangles, but a little rather dark translucent of the size of a butter dish (2″x2″ x 5.75″). Instructions for use: 1. Trap bait, develop peanut butter on a cracker and place it at the bottom of the trap in front of the suggested door: . To attract the mouse to trap it develops a very thin layer of peanut butter on the swing door – wipe any excess peanut scent remains, and the door stays freely 2. place traps along the wall or in an area where mouse excrements are prevalent warning: .. control trap once or twice a day, as the mouse will expire if left in the cube mouse of 3. to release the mouse, take the mouse cube out and turn the trap upside down. It will open the door and the mouse can exit. 4. If the mouse has expired in trap, you can dispose of it in a waste container without ever touching the mice!


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