Irish “Culchie Mug” Blended Native Irish Clay Hand-Glazed Hand-Thrown Pottery Coffee Cup 450ml


  • HAND-MADE: Each Culchie Mug is made by hand on a traditional potters wheel using blended native Irish clays from 30-year-old proprietary recipe. All pieces are designed and made in Ireland
  • HAND-GLAZED: All products are high temperature glazed which results in vibrant colors and a robust quality finish that will last for years. All products are inspected for quality of finish before leaving the workshop for homes around the world
  • UNIQUE: All mugs are made and finished by hand which means no two mugs look exactly the same. Each Culchie Mug is a true one-of-a-kind piece
  • DURABLE: The Culchie Mug is designed to be used and enjoyed on a regular basis. It is a big robust mug that will last for years
  • MEASURES 4″ diameter (5.5″ including handle) by 4″ height (450ml volume). A great size for that morning coffee or tea


The word Culchie is a Hiberno-English term referring to the Irish worker building roads and canals in England during the last century. Many of these men were from the western town of Kiltimagh, pronounced Culchiemaa, in County Mayo, Ireland. This was later shortened to Culchie. Culchie Men loved their big, sturdy mugs of tea, and from that was born our Culchie Mug.

Kiltrea Bridge Pottery in Wexford, Ireland, is one of the few remaining potteries that use native Irish clay for all of their products. The clay recipe used to craft these handsome Irish Culchie Mugs has been a closely guarded secret for over 30 years. Hand thrown on a pottery wheel by artisans in the Kiltrea workshop, each Irish Culchie Mug is then hand-glazed individually. As a result, no two Culchie mugs are identical. The Culchie Mugs are fired to a very high temperature to give them strength and rich coloring. Dishwasher-safe and durable enough for everyday use, it holds 450ml of coffee or other beverages of choice. This mug is one of our most popular gift items, suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here are some of the amazing features of the Culchie Mug:

· Skillfully handmade from blended Irish clays

· Robust large mug for everyday use and enjoyment

· Great size and holds 450ml

· Crafted in Ireland with over 30 years of experience in the pottery business

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