Faux Pampas Grass, Artificial Pampas Grass – 3 Stems, 45″ Tall Fluffy Fake Pampas Grass Stems for Vase, Large Pampas Grass Reed, Pompous Grass Decor,Boho Home Wedding Décor Centerpiece


  • CREATE Sophisticated, Chic, and Cozy space with our Fluffy and Soft Pampas Grass bunch. These large artificial stems are perfect decor for any space. They will bring a LUSCIOUS, LUXURIOUS, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL feel to your living room or bedroom.
  • NO SHEDDING – Everlasting HYPOALLERGENIC Artificial plumes will keep your space neat and pollen free. These tall silky pampas are designed to last a lifetime and deliver a natural feel without the hassle of shedding or clean up.
  • MAKE A STATEMENT – Amaze your guest with the soft, romantic, and magical look of your special events centerpieces. Our tall pampas grass stems are a perfect addition to flower arrangements and can be used for occasions such as bridal parties, baby showers or weddings.
  • QUALITY, Look and Texture – Each of our reeds go through quality inspection. Our pampas are never bent to fit a shipping box and are packaged with care so we can deliver only the best fluffy and natural looking pampas at your door.
  • SAFE for children and pets- Our faux pampas are hand crafted out of non-toxic, recyclable materials and are perfectly safe for the environment, your children, and pets. They can be safely utilized in nursery rooms bringing this special vibrant touch into your baby’s space.


This product comes in a bundle of 3 stems.

Whether you want to add a delicate, romantic, and elegant touch to your boho decor bedroom or amaze your guest with memorable table top centerpieces – FIORRE faux pampas grass will deliver just that. Our Fluffy and Soft Pampas Grass bunch (3 Stems) will bring a sophisticated yet relaxing feel to your home.

This extra large pampas grass stems look impressive in a variety of settings. You can set it up in a tall floor vase or use it as a table top arrangement. Unlike other brands we’ve improved on a number and density of the smaller branches that result in a beautiful and more voluptuous plumes.

Our extra, long luscious pampas were designed to add texture and warmth to your home and give it that special, visually intriguing, yet calming touch. FIORRE’s nature inspired tall (almost 4 ft long) faux pampas grass stems display large feathery plumes (34″) and a light brown natural looking reed (11″) and come in a bundle of 3.

The stems are made out of steel wire and can be shortened with a help of wire cutters or pliers. Unlike dried pampas, our faux grass stems are hand crafted, everlasting, never shed or brake which eliminates the risk of receiving an inconsistent batch.

Additionally, each of them are inspected and delivered to you in a cute pink heavy duty poly packaging. Our durable packaging not only protects the stems but makes it a perfectly giftable bundle. You may also choose to utilize it as your pampas storage bag.

*NOTE- the actual plumes’ color might slightly vary from the listing’s photos. This variation of ivory cream includes highlights of cool light cream, pink champagne, and a touch of yellowish tint. The plumes color may be changing depending on the time of day and the quality of light.


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