Farmssentials Design Quail Egg Cartons- Pack of 30 Quail Egg Cartons- Hold 12 Quail Eggs


  • PROFESSIONAL – Beautifully Display Your Quail Eggs At Farmers Markets & Grocery Stores, Or Package For Restaurants, Resalers, Or As Gifts For Friends & Family.
  • ECO FRIENDLY – These Reusable Paper Egg Cartons Are Biodegradable, Unlike Plastic Egg Cartons Or Foam Egg Cartons.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – Strong Latching, Sturdy Cardboard Egg Cartons Hold Quail Eggs Firmly In Place From Farm to Home!
  • MARKET YOUR FARM – These Quail Egg Cartons Provide Margin For Your Farm’s Info Across The Top, Edges, Or Inside.
  • SAFE DELIVERY – Your Egg Carton Bulk Order Is Wrapped In Plastic, Cushioned In Bubble Wrap, And Gently Boxed For Safe Delivery Of Your Flat Top Quail Egg Paper Cartons.


These biodegradable quail egg cartons are the perfect size to beautifully display your quail eggs at farmers markets & grocery stores, or to package your quail eggs for restaurants, resellers, or as gifts for friends and family. Their beautifully designed flat lids provide margin for your logo or sticker to show off your own farm’s info in style. In addition, the sturdiness of these quail egg cartons is effective at keeping your quail eggs safe during transit between farm, market, and ultimately home. While many other quail egg cartons fall open easily, the superior design of this product keeps the lid latched securely in place. PRODUCT: Pulp Quail Egg Containers For Quail Egg Storage DIMENSIONS: 4-3/4″ Wide, 3-3/4″ Long, 2-3/4″ High USES: Fits Codorniz Eggs, Coturnix Eggs, Pullet Bantam Eggs, Pullet Pheasant Eggs, and Sml, Med, & Med/Lrg Quail Eggs PACKAGE QUANTITY: 30 Count (Pack of 30 Trays) MATERIAL: Pulp Egg Cartons (A.K.A. Cardboard Egg Cartons, Paper Egg Cartons) CAPACITY: 12 Eggs Per Tray (One Dozen Per Quail Egg Crate)


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